Rules of Entry
In addition to the code of conduct, there are rules that limit access to a film based on your age.
The rules for entry by age are.
Rules of Entry
You are not permitted to break the rules; you must ensure that you bring your ID card.
Guests must refrain from talking or communicating in any manner that is disruptive to other guests.
Eating & Smoking
Slurping and rustling are not encouraged and are disturbing to other viewers.
Smoking is prohibited within the cinema hall movie screening.
Late movie arrivals are not encouraged as they are disturbing to other viewers.
Guests are not allowed to place their feet or shoes on any chairs around them.
Guests must retain their ticket stub: failing to show a ticket upon request or sitting in an unassigned seat is prohibited.
General Rules
Guests must wear appropriate clothing and footwear that are aligned with KSA values and culture.
Guests are prohibited from recording the presentation of any trailer or movie.
Guests Should refrain from using any electronic devices (including phones, tablets or gaming devices, laser) during the movie.
Guests Should ensure that children are not left unattended and should try to minimize noise and disruption as much as possible (e.g. crying, loud talking, running, etc.)
Infants are not permitted inside a movie theatre.
Guests are prohibited from bringing in, showing, or using real or simulated weapons of any kind.
Cinema operator reserves the right to check bags being brought into the cinema.
Failing to follow instructions of, or verbally or physically harassing employees is prohibited.